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Editorial Activities

The Institute pays attention to its editorial work practically since its inception – the first publications were issued in 1926.

Gradually there were established three book series, which are:

Works and Studies – is published since 1926 and approx. 200 monographs focused primarily on basic research works were issued within.

Research for Practice – was founded in 1979 and more than 50 of its volumes inform primarily about the results of research that can be quickly applied in practice.

TGM WRI Collection of Papers – is published since 2006 and is aimed at both contributions of collection character, as well as monographs.

Since 1926, when the Institute began to publish non-periodical publications mapping the research activities of the individual departments, more than 300 monographs were published.

Currently, publishing becomes increasingly important in the field of research. Its primary mission is to present the results of research work, both in prestigious journals for foreign and domestic experts.

For this purpose, the T. G. Masaryk Water Research Institute, public research institution, issues especially Water Management Technical and Economical Information Journal (VTEI Journal), as well as non-periodical publications which make the research outcomes accessible to the public, and yearly also the Annual Report.

Publishing activities of the Institute in terms of its needs with regard to the latest trends in water research are managed and directed by the Editorial Board of TGM WRI, p.r.i. Professionalism and quality of non-periodical publications issued by the Institute are guaranteed by the Scientific Editors of TGM WRI, p.r.i. Both are the advisory bodies of the director of the Institute.

TGM WRI publications are available in the National Library of the Czech Republic or in the Library of TGM WRI, p.r.i.

Research Results and Other Professional Outputs

Evaluation of profficiency of solving of research projects solved by TGM WRI, p.r.i., arises from evaluation of outputs entered into and kept in Information System of Research, Development and Innovation (R&D IS), comprising among others, Information Register of R&D Results (RIV).

This evaluation is performed in a frame of R&D evaluation process. The outputs are evaluated yearly according to the actual governmental research and development evaluation methodology.

Research organizations are evaluated on the basis of their outputs filled in RIV.

Until the end of 2017, there were three categories of outcomes. They were:

  • publishing results,
  • results of applied research and
  • other results.

Since 1st January 2018, there are two categories:

  • publishing results and
  • non-publishing results.

Each of these types is subsequently divided into separate categories of outputs, of which some are rated.

Evaluation of profficiency of solving of technical projects of commercial character and other professional activities of TGM WRI, p.r.i., is fully in competence of customers of the Institute.

In order to obtain an overview of the technical outputs developed by employees of the Institution, internal institutional database was set up. All authors can enter their outputs into this database througout the year, including those that are regularly exported as research outputs to the RIV.