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News Jan 12, 2024

VTEI 1/2024
Benefits and risks of using sludge from small WWTPs · Measurement of phosphorus retention using TASCC method · Interview with Tomáš Fojtík, director of TGM WRI

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News Dec 15, 2023

VTEI 6/2023
Main topic: Possibilities of wastewater treatment using an experimental device for physical action by an electrostatic field with a focus on pharmaceuticals

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News Oct 12, 2023

VTEI 5/2023
Theme: Water protection in the landscape

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News Sep 21, 2023

Journal of Hydrology
Adam Vizina as a co-author of an article in a prestigious journal on increasing volatility of reconstructed Morava River warm-season flow

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News Aug 10, 2023

VTEI 4/2023
Main topic: The influence of wastewater on microbial contamination of the Vltava below Prague

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News Jul 25, 2023

Release of freshwater pearl mussels into the Malše River
On Tuesday, July 18, another part of freshwater pearl mussels, which were reared as part of the Interreg Malšemuschel project, was released into the Malše River on the Czech-Austrian border

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News Jul 18, 2023

Journal of Hydrology
Petr Pavlík and Adam Vizina as co-authors of an article in a prestigious journal on attributing the drivers of runoff decline in the Thaya river basin

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