The Director is the statutory representative of the public research institution, who decides on all matters of the institution, unless they are entrusted by law to the Institution’s Board, the Supervisory Board, or the Establisher (Ministry of the Environment). Among others, the Director:

  • ensures proper bookkeeping,
  • after verification of the financial statements by an auditor, submits a draft annual report to the Institution’s Board and the Supervisory Board;
  • submits financial statements verified by an auditor to the Establisher, and an annual report approved by the Institution’s Board,
  • submits to the provider (Section 2 paragraph 2 letters e) and f) of Act No. 130/2002 Coll. as amended) proposals for research, development, and innovation projects discussed by the Institution’s Board,
  • submits to the Institution’s Board proposals concerning the public research institution’s budget and its amendments, and proposals to the public research institution’s internal regulations, with the exception of the Rules of Procedure of the Supervisory Board, and their amendments;
  • submits proposals for amendments to the Deed of Establishment to the Institution’s Board; after their discussion by the Institution’s Board, submits them to the establisher,
  • submits to the Supervisory Board for approval drafts of legal acts for which the prior written consent of the Supervisory Board is required.