Anti-corruption programme

What is corruption?

By corruption we mean the direct or indirect solicitation, offering, transfer, or acceptance of a bribe or any other impermissible advantage or prospect thereof which interferes with the proper performance of any duty or action required of the recipient of the bribe, impermissible advantage, or prospect thereof. It can also be defined as the abuse of delegated powers for personal (private) gain.

TGM WRI internal anti-corruption programme

The TGM WRI internal anti-corruption programme is based on the current Government’s anti-corruption concept for the given period (in Czech) and is prepared in accordance with the current Anti-Corruption Action Plan for the given year (in Czech). It is also prepared in accordance with the Ministry’s Internal Anti-corruption Programme of the Ministry of the Environment (in Czech), or with the Framework Ministry’s Internal Anti-Corruption Programme (in Czech), which sets the minimum framework for Ministry’s internal anti-corruption programmes.

You can find the current anti-corruption programme, which aims to reduce the preconditions for the occurrence of corrupt practices and which TGM WRI employees are obliged to follow, here (in Czech).

Reporting corruption

To file a report of suspected corruption in TGM WRI, the employee can use:

  • personal meeting, telephone, or email contact with the contact person, who is the Director of TGM WRI,
  • notification in paper form sent to the T. G. Masaryk Water Research Institute, public research institution, Podbabská 2582/30, 160 00 Prague 6.

The notification should include:

  • identification of persons suspected of committing the misconduct and of all persons involved, or persons profiting from the misconduct,
  • a detailed and coherent description of the misconduct, including the chronology;
  • specific evidence of misconduct or other specific evidence supporting the suspicion of misconduct.

In all cases, it is possible to submit the notification anonymously. Simultaneously, great emphasis is placed on the protection of the notifier, where the investigation of the notification is carried out in such a way that the identity of the notifier is not revealed if the notifier so requests. In such case, he/she is guaranteed anonymity throughout the process.

Additional mandatory information

  • list of TGM WRI advisers and advisory bodies (in Czech),
  • offer of rental and sale of TGM WRI property (in Czech),
  • information on processing of personal data listed in the professional CVs of employees and heads of TGM WRI (in Czech).