Waste and its prevention – practical procedures and activities in the implementation of the obligations of the Regional Waste Management Plan of the Capital City of Prague

The project dealt with the issue of waste services in three types of urban developments. It dealt with the accurate evaluation of municipal waste management and prevention options. The project was done in cooperation with the waste department of the City of Prague and the company Pražské služby, a.s. between 2018 and 2020; it was funded by the City of Prague within the Prague – Growth Pole of the Czech Republic operational programme.

Project background

The project follows from the updated Raw Materials Policy of the Czech Republic, which responds to changes in the European Commission’s approach to the resources of primary raw materials and the use of secondary raw materials.

Project aims

The main contribution of the proposed project lies in the accurate evaluation of the current state of production and the identification of innovative ways of handling components and residual mixed municipal waste with the aim of achieving the limits set in the Waste Management Plan of the capital. city ​​of Prague. Knowledge of the initial state is an important prerequisite for setting realistically achievable goals and indicators of their fulfillment in the field of municipal (and similar) waste management.

Project methodology

The project consisted of two interrelated parts that ran in parallel. The content of the first part was monitoring waste management in the capital city of Prague, with the aim of evaluating and modelling the current state of “waste services”. Part of the work was the evaluation of the efficiency of recycling and thus the fulfilment of the obligations of Prague Waste Management Plan. The second part of the project focused on waste prevention.

Details of the project, including detailed outputs, can be found here.