Environmental quality of water elements of cultural monuments and historical settlements. Assessment of the condition and possibilities of quality management in the framework of heritage care

The book is focused on the description and analysis of the environmental quality of water elements of cultural monuments, historical gardens and residences and contains an assessment of selected quality management methods to achieve the desired state and limit the impact of water pollution, especially with nutrients. The book summarizes in a clear form the essential results of surveys, measurements and analyzes of samples of the monitored components of the aquatic environment (water, sediment, bioseston, algae, benthos, fish) of water elements for a set of sites of the framework survey and for a set of pilot sites of cultural monuments, which were carried out with the aim of describing the relationship of anthropogenic pressures on water elements and the quality of their environment, or were used in the study of the influence of water quality modifications. It also includes an assessment of historical approaches and procedures, proposals for solutions for the present and the future with regard to predicted climate changes. The book also deals in detail with the issue of fish farming and fish stocks (design of species, abundance, care) of ornamental water features of formal and informal concept, and water reservoirs and ponds of historical gardens, parks and areas of heritage-valued or protected buildings, reservations and zones. Findings from the survey of a set of many localities, conclusions from the adjustments made to fish stocks at some of these localities and general recommendations for owners and managers of similar water features and areas are discussed. The solution to the presented issues was based on the application of theoretically determined procedures for the assessment of threats to water elements by anthropogenic influences, especially water pollution, fish farming, but also other interventions in their environment. The procedures are described in detail in the book with links to source information.

The book can be downloaded here [PDF, size 10.6 MB, in Czech].