TGM WRI Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board members, including its chairman and vice-chairman, who represents the chairman in his/her absence, are appointed and dismissed by the Establisher so that the representatives of the Establisher or employees of the public research institution are adequately represented. Among others, the Supervisory Board:

  • supervises the activities and management of the public research institution; for this purpose, its members are entitled, at the discretion of the Supervisory Board, to inspect the accounting documents and other documents of this institution at any time, to request the necessary explanations and to ascertain the actual situation,
  • supervises the management of the public research institution’s property and issues prior written consent to (specified by law) legal acts,
  • proposes dismissal of the Director to the Establisher (Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic),
  • prepares drafts of the Supervisory Board’s rules of procedure and its amendments and submits them to the Establisher for approval,
  • comments on proposals for amendments to the public research institution’s Dead of Establishment,
  • comments on proposals for the merger, amalgamation, or division of the public research institution,
  • comments on the draft budget of the public research institution and its management,
  • comments on further or other activities of the public research institution and on other matters submitted to it by the Director and the Establisher,
  • comments on the draft annual report; submits its opinion to the Director and the Institution’s Board,
  • expresses its views on the public research institution’s activities and publishes them in the annual report,
  • submits to the Director, the Institution’s Board, and the Establisher proposals to eliminate identified shortcomings in the exercising of their powers,
  • submits a report on its activities to the Establisher and the Director at least once a year.

The current members of the TGM WRI Supervisory Board are:

  • JUDr. Simeona Zikmundová, LL.M. – předsedkyně, Ministerstvo životního prostředí
  • RNDr. Libor Ambrozek – Ministerstvo životního prostředí
  • Mgr. Martin Pták – Ministerstvo životního prostředí
  • Helena Martinková – KDU ČSL – tiskové oddělení
  • RNDr. Jan Daňhelka, Ph.D. – Český hydrometeorologický ústav